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The merino wool is a special kind of wool, which is used worldwide for "high-end" sportswear and children's clothing. This is an extremely comfortable wool and has qualities that are not found in other fibers (natural or synthetic).

Merino wool is more delicate than conventional wool. In comparison with all synthetic fibers it develops no smell because its fiber structure prevents the growth of microorganisms on the surface.

It is soft and can be worn directly on the skin. Merino fibers have a thickness of 17 to 19.5 microns, compared with ordinary wool (30-32 micron). As an example, the human hair has a thickness of 60-80 microns.

It has the capacity to absorb water up to 30% of its own mass before it has a wet feeling on the skin (as compared to synthetic fibers - max. 5%). The water that is retained in the Merino fiber is absorbed in its structure and does not remain on the surface to promote the growth of microbes.

This exceptional function of merino wool to absorb the water and then release the excess moisture has an important role in the regulation of body temperature: between the skin and the merino fiber a microclimate is forming. It is the ideal material to wear under the waterproof or wind stopper clothing, precisely because of its breathability properties and its native temperature control capability.

During an intense activity, the heart rate is reduced in comparison to other materials; also reduces muscle pain after exercise by decreased secretion of lactic acid.

When we go out in the cold air with a product made of merino wool, it absorbs moisture and generates heat. One kilogram Merino gives (from a 30% water absorption) 960 KJ, equivalent to the heat that is produced by an electric blanket in 8 hours. On the other hand, when the body produces excess heat, trough the evaporation of water from the fiber structure, the body temperature is regulated, and overheating is avoided.

Merino wool is a natural remedy for articular pain and provides excellent thermal insulation for the older people and children (for which the ability of thermoregulation is reduced).

It is very safe: protects us from the sun's harmful rays (SPF 50 across the entire spectrum) is anti-allergic and because of the natural water and nitrogen content its used by those who are exposed to the risk of fire (it is self-extinguishing and emits no toxic gases) - frequently used by firefighters, soldiers in the developed countries, motorcyclists, racing drivers and astronauts.

It is well known that inhalation of exposed fibers and wearing synthetic materials (nylon, polyester, acrylic, etc.) may cause irreversible lung damage. ("Respiratory Disease Caused by Synthetic Fibers: a new occupational disease" 1 J. CORTEZ Pimentel, RAMIRO AVILA, and A. GALVAO LOURENQO - study published in Thorax, Official Journal of the British Thoracic Society).

In a recent interview, Prime Minister of Japan, noted the benefits from Merino wool products and recommends their use to reduce energy consumption and CO2 emissions to heat the houses.

It is an inexhaustible resource: if there is air, water, sun, and grass - sheep produce a new wool each year!

And, after you've worn it enough, if you want to give back to nature again, you can enjoy the wool buried in the ground - is rapidly degradable (including the color used is environmentally friendly) and enriches the soil with nutrients.

What we wear now, it also plays a role in the light of future generations: Did you know that a product made out of wool, dug in the earth, decomposes in 9 months whereas synthetic products require up to 30-40 years!?

Attention: merino wool is addictive!



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